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Development of a National Literacy Assessment Instrument for Cross-Linguistic Use in Nepal

Author  Kim, Young Mee

This thesis presents a criterion-referenced assessment instrument to measure literacy performance proficiencies of Eastern Tamang adult learners, which can be adaptable for other indigenous language groups of Nepal. Following introduction of Nepal, Tamang, and a brief history of Non-Formal Education in Nepal, chapter 2 reviews various methods and models to establish a theoretical framework for developing literacy assessment in Nepal. Chapter 3 proposes general guidelines for an assessment development procedure, an operational definition of literacy, specific literacy skills and test components selected, and minimum skill levels posited as criteria for success for the Eastern Tamang adults. Chapter 4 describes the assessment instrument which mainly consists of an entry point diagnostic, oral, and written tests with different test items for different skill levels. Chapter 5 provides a broad methodological sketch of all the phases of developing the assessment and finally chapter 6 summarizes the motivation and justification of the literacy assessment.

In the interest of making this work available without further delay, we are posting it as it was accepted by the institution that granted the degree without further peer review.

  View Development of a National Literacy Assessment Instrument for Cross-Linguistic Use in Nepal 3206 KB, 284 pages
Published  2012
Language  Tamang, Eastern [taj]
Country  Nepal
Subject  Literacy
Keywords  literacy assessment; literacy skills