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SIL Language and Culture Documentation and Description 15

Lumun Narrative Discourse Analysis

Author  Stirtz, Timothy M.
Abstract  This description of narrative discourse in Lumun (Niger-Congo, Kordofanian) is an in-depth look at four texts – a true story, a historical narrative, and two folk tales. Topicalization and clause order are addressed, as well as backgrounding, foregrounding, highlighting, connectors, and participant reference. The foreground clitic and concord particles are key parts of the discourse grammar. Each section concludes with a summary of the grammatical tools available to translators. Much of the terminology used is that of Stephen Levinsohn.
  View Lumun Narrative Discourse Analysis 805 KB, 58 pages
Published  2011
Language  Lumun [lmd]
Country  Sudan
Subjects  Discourse analysis
Keywords  text analysis; discourse analysis; Sudan