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SIL Language and Culture Documentation and Description 13

A bibliographic journey through Madagascar

Author  Bouwer, Leoni

This bibliography is a record of the author’s personal journey through the literature on Madagascar with a focus on societal and linguistic topics. The bibliography is grouped alphabetically, by topic, and by Malagasy ethnie (ethnic affiliation).

The topics, which are further subdivided in most cases, are:

  • Anthropology and ethnology
  • Austronesian
  • History
  • Indian Ocean region
  • Linguistics
  • Religion
  • Research
  • Social sciences - other

Malagasy Ethnies are grouped under 8 main sections with 17 subdivisions.

The current issue represents data entered until 2003 (during doctoral research), numbering between 1700 and 1800 works, on topics relating to the sociolinguistic research the author partakes in on the Island. The database has since grown substantially to include literature on parts of Madagascar other than the South, where research was initially focussed. An updated version is being planned.

  A bibliographic journey through Madagascar
Published  2010
Language  Malagasy [mlg]
Country  Madagascar
Subjects  Anthropology
Language surveys
Keywords  bibliography; Madagascar; Bibliography; Language surveys; Ethnolinguistics; Sociolinguistics