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A Sandawe grammar

Author  Eaton, Helen

This paper is a descriptive overview of the grammar of Sandawe, a Khoisan language spoken in Tanzania. The first section begins with a brief description of the geographical context of the Sandawe language, followed by a short summary of previous research into the language. This is followed by a phonological overview and an explanation of the sources and presentation of the data contained in the grammar.

Sections 2 to 7 are organised according to grammatical category and consider nouns, pronouns, postpositions, verbs, modifiers and conjunctions, respectively. Section 8 looks at word order and section 9 at derivation. Clause construction is then discussed, with section 10 concerning itself with mood, reality, and aspect in major clause types and section 11 covering the remaining clause types. Finally, section 12 takes a brief look at some important discourse features evident in Sandawe. A sample text is given in full in the Appendix.

  A Sandawe grammar
Published  2010
Language  Sandawe [sad]
Country  Tanzania
Subjects  Aspect
Grammatical descriptions
Mood (grammatical)
Keywords  clause types; mood; reality; aspect; derivation; Grammatical descriptions; Clauses; Mood (grammatical); Aspect