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Kambari orthography design

Author  Stark, Janie P.

This study is concerned with the orthography development of three Kambari languages: Agwara Kambari, Salka Kambari, and Auna Kambari. It documents the standardization of the languages as implemented by the Kambari Language Project. It provides the linguistic and sociolinguistic data that influenced the orthographic decisions, and in a number of instances articulates various options, examining the arguments for and against them.

The foundational principles of orthography design are well established by the work of earlier scholars. Those foundational principles are summarized, and another set of principles proposed to guide orthography decisions in instances where the foundational principles are silent or conflicting. The principles are seen to be interactive, clustering to provide preference for one decision over another. One of the unique features of this work is the extension of simultaneous orthography development beyond the boundaries of dialects and into the realm of co-languages within a language cluster.

  Kambari orthography design
Published  2010
Languages  Cishingini [asg]
Tsikimba [kdl]
Tsishingini [tsw]
Country  Nigeria
Subjects  Literacy
Keywords  Tsikimba; Tsishingini; orthography design; language clusters; Orthography; Sociolinguistics