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The Rotokas people of Bougainville Island

Authors  Firchow, Irwin B.
Firchow, Jacqueline

In the changing world of Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea, this work seeks to describe some of the history and life patterns of the Rotokas people there, as well as giving a glimpse of the geography, geology, bird and animal life, and the demographics of the area. It serves as a window into clan culture and leadership, taboos and social expectations, and also reveals local belief and value systems with the incorporation of modern medicine and education into the cultural world view. Traditional art, crafts, celebrations, and food sources are shown to have fit neatly alongside various development projects, national governing styles, and a variety of business and economic opportunities through the years. Preservation of such a record encourages appreciation for the flexibility, as well as the tenacity, of a culture and language in flux.

  The Rotokas people of Bougainville Island
Published  2008
Language  Rotokas [roo]
Country  Papua New Guinea
Subjects  Anthropology
Community development
Culture change
Keywords  taboos; social expectations; clans; worldview; governing styles; language in flux; Culture change; Community development; Anthropology