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Publications in SIL International Bibliography

2005. “Chapter 9. Meeting local education needs,” In Attacking Poverty in the Developing World: Christian Practitioners and Academics in Collaboration,Judith M. Dean, Julie Schaffner and Stephen L.S. Smith (eds.), World Vision and Authentic Media.

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Selected Papers Presented

2005. “Writers workshops to revitalize endangered languages.” 26th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia, P.A.

2004. “Educación bilingüe –metodo’s y modelos.” Colloquium Series: University Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru: Oct. 2004.

Selected online publications

2007 (D. Wroge & J. Bomberger Yoder) Writer’s Workshops: A Strategy for Developing Indigenous Writers. Language Documentation & Conservation, vol. 1, no. 1.