Barbara Louise Trudell


P.O. Box 44456
Nairobi 00100, Kenya
Tel. +254-735-893-746 (mobile)



Current positions

Other experience


Language proficiency

Research experience

Present:         Collaboration with RTI and SIL researchers in Kenya, studying the outcomes and implications of early grade reading assessment in Kenyan primary schools

2010:             Study of seven primary education alternative programs being implemented by government and non-government sponsors in Burkina Faso

2008:             Study of the context, processes and outcomes of local-language adult literacy programs in five language communities of Senegal

2002-2003:   Study of primary education and language maintenance in three language communities of Northwest Cameroon (PhD work)

1988-1989:    Evaluation of the SIL/Ministry of Education bilingual education program in the Peruvian rainforest (MA work)

Selected publications

Publications in SIL International Bibliography

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Selected presentations

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