Dr. Kristine Marion Trammell


SIL BP 1299
Yaoundé, Cameroon
+(237) 77-11-31-00



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Research interests

Selected publications

2008. (with Kain Godfrey Chuo) Kɨtɨ Woyn Kom 2 (Enlightening Kom Children) Second Grade Anthology, Book 2. Cameroon: SIL.

2008. (with Kain Godfrey Chuo) Kɨtɨ Woyn Kom 1 (Enlightening Kom Children 1) Second Grade Anthology, Book 1. Cameroon: SIL.

2008. Integrated Reading Teacher’s Curricuum Guide for Kom Second Grade Anthology, Volumes 2:1 and 2:2. Cameroon: SIL.

2007. (with Kain Godfrey Chuo) Ŋwà ’lɨ̀ Mì lò ’o ̀lò ’ò Mì Kòm (Kom Sweet Nectar) First Grade Anthology, Books 1 and 2. Cameroon: SIL.

2007. Integrated Reading Teacher’s Curriculum Guide for Kom First Grade Anthology, Volumes 1:1 and 2. Cameroon: SIL.

2007. Let’s Learn English! Kom Education Pilot Project English Language Development Curriculum for Class One, Developed for Anucam General Knowledge Book 1. Cameroon: SIL.

2006. Con Cariño: Program Options for Latino Immigrants in EELA School District. Ph.D. dissertation. Biola University.

1994. Transitional Reading Curriculum for Multilingual Education Students. M.A. thesis. California State University Fullerton

Selected papers presented

2008. “Kom Education Pilot Project: Multilingual Education in Cameroon.” Presented at the SIL Africa Area Literacy Event, Nairobi, Kenya February 18-29, 2008.

2006. “This is America! Why don't they just learn English?” Presented at the GIAL Academic Forum. Dallas, Texas, April 24, 2006

2005. “Educación bilingüe en lenguas minoritarias con enfasis en el Quechua de Lambayeque.” Presented at El Foro de la Lingüistica, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru October 19, 2005.

2005. “Educacción bilingüe e intercultural en lenguas minoritarias.” Presented at La Tercera Conferencia de Comunicación, Universidad de Huanuco, Huancuo, Peru, October 1, 2005.