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High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
HP14 3XL, United Kingdom
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Publications in SIL International Bibliography

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Selected papers presented

2009. How to find serial verbs in English: an RRG analysis of phase verb constructions. Presented at the Role and Reference Grammar International Conference, 2009. Berkeley University, California. (Available on RRG website.)

2009. Linguistic Prerequisites for Bible Translation: Amele Case Study. Presented at the Bible Translation 2009 Conference, Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, Dallas, Texas. (Available on SIL Insite website.)

2006. Lexical categories and syntactic categories. Presented at the Eurasia Area Linguistics Forum meeting, ETP UK, Horsleys Green (UK).

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1992. The Category ‘Irrealis’ in Papuan Medial Verbs. Presented at the Symposium on Mood and Modality, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

1992. The Morphological and Syntactic Status of Verbs in Amele. Presented at the Third International Conference on Papuan Linguistics, Sept 1992, Madang (Papua New Guinea).

1990. Reduplication in Amele. Presented at the Philological Society, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

Selected online publications

2009. Linguistic Prerequisites for Bible Translation: Amele Case Study. SIL Insite website.

2009. How to find serial verbs in English: an RRG analysis of phase verb constructions.

2007. Features of Persian Discourse Structure. SIL Insite website.