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European Training Programme UK Campus
Horsleys Green
High Wycombe HP14 3XL, UK
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Selected publications

2010 Review of Juliet McCaffery, Juliet Merrifield and Juliet Millican, Developing Adult Literacy: Approaches to Planning, Implementing and Delivering Adult Literacy Initiatives. Great Briton: Oxford, (2007), SIL Electronic Book Reviews 2010-013. Dallas: SIL International. http://www.sil.org:8090/silebr/2010/silebr2010-013

2007 “Literacy in Development: A View from Cameroon.” RaPAL Journal 63: 15-17.

2007 “Local Literacies in a Cameroonian Village.” Papers from the Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching, Vol. 1: Papers from LAEL PG 2006. C. Gabrielatos, R. Slessor and J. W. Unger (eds.) Lancaster: Lancaster University http://www.ling.lancs.ac.uk/pgconference/v01.htm

Selected papers presented

2009 “Conceptions of Literacy: People and Programmes in Cameroon” presented at the at the Sixth Pan-African Reading for All Conference, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

2009 “Facing inequality – local conceptions of the role of literacy in addressing inequality in Cameroon” presented at Literacy Inequalities Conference, University of East Anglia

2008 “Implications of Local Literacy Practices for Literacy Programmes in a Multilingual Community in Northern Cameroon“ presented at BALID Autumn Seminar, London

2004 “English Language Teaching for Immigrants in the UK” Presented at Annual Conference of Association of Teachers of Swedish as a Second Language, Göteborg, Sweden

2003 “Does the way in which a person learns to read and write affect their use of literacy?” Presented at AILA Literacy Conference, Ghent, Belgium


1992 Alphabet and Orthography Statement for Limbum (Donga-Mantung Division, North West Province) Yaoundé: SIL

1992 Limbum Lexicon Yaoundé: SIL

1992 (with Grace Toh) Scientific Report on Literacy Surveys Conducted During October 1990 – February 1991 with Literacy Survey Summary for Limbum Yaoundé: SIL