Richard Brown


Horsleys Green, High Wycombe
Bucks HP14 3XL, England, U.K.



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Selected publications

2001. “A brief history of interpretations of ‘the Kingdom of God’ and some consequences for translation.” Notes on Translation 15(1):3-23.

2000. “Translating the whole concept of the kingdom.” Notes on Translation 14(2):1-48.

1998. “On criteria for identifying language groups and language clusters”. Notes on Sociolinguistics 3:3-42.

1995. “Designing programs for oral cultures.” Notes on Literature in Use and Language Programs 46:14-38.

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1982. “Thematization in the Greek narrative sentences in Acts.” Selected Technical Articles Related to Translation 6:14-27.

Selected papers presented

2008. “A Sociocognitive Model of Hermeneutics and Translation. ” Paper presented at Bible Translation 2008, High Wycombe, United Kingdom, February 4–6, 2008.

2006. “Factors of Scripture Engageability. ” Paper presented at the Forum of Bible Agencies International, Chiang Mai, Thailand, April, 2006.

2006. “Aiming for the Communicability of Annotated Translations. ” Paper presented at Bible Translation 2006, High Wycombe, United Kingdom, January, 2008.

2004. “A New Look at Semantic Functions and Lexical Meaning. ” Paper presented at the 11th International Conference on Functional Grammar, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, September, 2004.

2004. “Current Trends In Oral Bible Strategies. ” Keynote presentation given at the 2004 Conference on Orality. Ft. Worth, Texas.

2003. “Translating YHWH in the OT and Kurios in the NT: A Call for a New Approach. ” The first John Beekman Lecture presented at Bible Translation 2003, Dallas, Texas, October, 2003.

2003. “New Dimensions in Bible Translation. ” The second John Beekman Lecture presented at Bible Translation 2003, Dallas, Texas, October, 2003.

2002. “Selecting Portions for a Panoramic Oral Bible. ” 2002 Conference on Orality. Ft. Worth, Texas, November, 2002.

Works online

2007. (with Richard Hoyle). “Guidelines for Checking and Testing Scripture Products Intended for Non-Print Media. ”

2005. (with Richard Hoyle). “A Guide to Language Projects. ”

2003. The meanings of κυριοç in the New Testament, (with Christopher Samuel).