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Selected publications

Abbot, Elinor. 2007. Our company increases apace: History, language, and social identity in early colonial Andover, Massachusetts. Publications in Ethnography 40. Dallas: SIL International.

Abbot, Elinor. 1998.The ANQR project: Cultural research guides for translation teams. On the Anthropology Bookshelf, LinguaLinks SIL Software for Field Workers.

Abbot, Elinor. 1996. Seventeenth-century Andover: The people’s point of view. Andover Historical Society Newsletter 20:4.

Abbot, Elinor. 1992. Early Andover social structure. Andover Historical Society Newsletter 17:2.

Abbot, Elinor. 1974. Review of Four Generations: Land, Population, and Family in Colonial Andover, Massachusetts, by Philip Greven. American Anthropologist 76:593–594.


Abbot, Elinor, and Helen Thomas. In press. Putting words in their mouths: A study of native-authored Halbi radio dramas in Chattisgarh, India. From a paper presented at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics Academic Forum, Dallas, Texas. January 2010.

Abbot, Elinor. 2009. The ANQR project: Anthropological notes, queries and references for Bible translators: An update. Paper presented at the Forum, European Training Program, Horsleys Green, United Kingdom.

Abbot, Elinor. 2003. Considerations in the design of an anthropology course for students in South Asia for whom English is second or third language. Paper presented at the Annual TAFTEE Consultancy, Bangalore, India.

Abbot, Elinor. 2000. Why should the devil have all the good models?: What Christians can learn from cultural evolutionists. Paper presented at the Christian Anthropologists’ Network Meetings, Biola University, La Mirada, California. April 2000.

Abbot, Elinor. 1995. Revindicamos nuestra cultura!: Teachings of the Maya revitalization movement in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Paper presented at the SIL Symposium, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota. July 1995.

Abbot, Elinor. 1995. A new look at the company: The basic unit of social organization in the colonization of British North America. Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association Convention, Washington, D.C. November 1995.

Abbot, Elinor. 1985. Leviticus at Joppa: The role of assumptions in the anthropology of religion. Paper presented at the Joint Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation and The Research Scientists’ Christian Fellowship, Oxford, England. July 1985.

Abbot, Elinor. 1979. An ethnographic sketch of the Lowland Tzeltal of Chiapas, Mexico. Prepared for use in the Literacy Department, Dallas, Texas: Summer Institute of Linguistics.

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