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Ethiopian Ministry of Education and SIL Ethiopia sign cooperative agreement

Dr. Alemayehu Hailu, Director of SIL Ethiopia (right) and State Minister of Education Fuad Ibrahim Omer (left) Dr. Alemayehu Hailu, Director of SIL Ethiopia (right) and State Minister of Education Fuad Ibrahim Omer (left)

“The purpose of cooperation between SIL and the Ministry [of Education] is to further the goals of Mother Tongue Education (Multilingual Education), language research [and] sustainable language development…with special focus in minority language areas.”

From the Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of SIL Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Ministry of Education

(September 2011) A new Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 23 August by State Minister of Education Fuad Ibrahim Omer, on behalf of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, and Dr. Alemayehu Hailu, Director of SIL Ethiopia. This agreement formalizes the commitment to continued partnership between the Government of Ethiopia and SIL Ethiopia.

In addition to projects being conducted in partnership with other organizations, SIL Ethiopia is currently working with the Ministry of Education on Multilingual Education and other language development activities in the Benishangul-Gumuz and Bench-Maji Zone projects.

In response to an invitation by local leaders, SIL began language development work in Ethiopia in 1973. To date, SIL and Addis Ababa University have collaborated on the linguistic research of approximately forty of Ethiopia’s eighty-five living languages. Registered and licensed as a Foreign Charity by the Ministry of Justice’s Charities and Societies Agency, SIL Ethiopia cooperates with government agencies, Ethiopian churches and other partners in their language development efforts.

This agreement is in accordance with the Education and Training Policy adopted by the Ministry of Education in 1994. It will be in effect for the next three years, at which time it may be renewed by mutual consent of both parties. Desired outcomes of the agreement include:

SIL agrees to:

The Ministry of Education agrees to:

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