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Paper presented in Turkey at World Congress of Comparative Education Societies

(June 2010) SIL multilingual education consultant Kimmo Kosonen, Ph.D., is presenting a paper entitled “Finding the balance between dominant and non-dominant languages in southeast Asian education” at the XIV World Congress of Comparative Education Societies. The theme of the congress, meeting 14–18 June, is “Bordering, re-bordering and new possibilities in education and society.” Hosts of the conference are the World Council of Comparative Education Societies, the Turkish Comparative Education Society and Boğaziçi University, Turkey, where the meetings are being held.

The concept of border is key to analyzing the relationship between education and society at all levels. Borders can be national, regional, social or psychic; they can be fixed or shifting. Borders and lines can be material (walls), psychological (in peoples’ minds) or metaphorical (the “glass ceiling” for women’s careers). Discussions of borders are part of discussions of space and of space-time.

The conference has 14 thematic groups to address the issues of bordering in an international perspective from specific vantage points.

Thematic groups

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