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SIL mourns the deaths of those killed in attack in Afghanistan

(9 August 2010) SIL Executive Director Freddy Boswell and all SIL staff mourn the deaths of Daniela Beyer and the medical team who were killed during an attack Thursday, 5 August 2010 in Afghanistan. As stated by International Assistance Mission (IAM), the team had been in Nuristan at the invitation of the local communities. Ms. Beyer was assisting the Nuristan Eye Camp Team as a language specialist. The team had completed its medical work and were returning to Kabul.

Ms. Beyer, a German citizen, was contracted by SIL as a linguist in November 2009. She had analyzed language variations in northern Afghanistan, including the region that the medical team visited. She was also proficient in the Dari language and served on the IAM team as an interpreter for one of the female doctors. SIL affirms that Beyer’s work was directed toward humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

SIL staff expresses sympathy to Ms. Beyer’s family, and to the family, friends and colleagues of all those killed.

SIL International is a nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. This service involves training and consulting with minority language communities for activities such as linguistic analysis, orthography and writing systems development, literature development, and multilingual education. In Afghanistan, SIL conducts language research, offers linguistics seminars and services, and builds local capacity for language development. SIL has been registered as a non-governmental organization in Afghanistan since September 2009.

SIL has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and formal consultative relations with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).