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SIL Bibliography now contains 40,000 works

(May 2010) SIL International has reached a milestone with 40,000 entries in its corporate bibliography. The SIL Bibliography records works authored or edited by SIL International staff or produced by a publishing unit of SIL. The materials date from 1935 and were first compiled in 1948 into an eight-page booklet containing 73 items. Eight more print editions were published from 1951 to 1992, each one growing in size and scope:

Since 1996, much of the SIL Bibliography has been available online.

The current development of a repository for electronic archiving and publishing is on track for a September 2010 rollout. Once active, the system will greatly open up the submission process and revolutionize the way SIL collaboratively creates, shares and preserves the rich collection of language program data it collects and compiles.

The first SIL corporate bibliographer is unknown, but Viola Waterhouse, Ph.D., was responsible for two editions, in 1960 and 1964. For at least 24 years, Alan Wares oversaw the bibliography through four print editions, including the last in 1992. Dave Irwin has been the corporate bibliographer since 1993 and has personally entered the bulk of the 40,000 items into the database.

Item number 40,000 is a primer, Tí fìntimaan! Takaldapeepeekaa 1, for the Ntcham language community in Togo.

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