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Eleven SIL presentations at international multilingualism conference in Kenya

(July 2010) An International Conference on Multilingualism was held 22–23 July at the Kenyatta University Conference Center in Kenya. It was co-hosted by the Department of English and Linguistics at Kenyatta University, Kenya and the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. The conference theme was "Multilingualism and Education: Global Practices, Challenges and the Way Forward."

One of three keynote addresses was presented by Susan Malone, Ph.D., an international consultant in multilingual education, SIL International: "Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education that Builds a 'Strong Bridge' for Life-Long Learning." The discussant for her address was Barbara Trudell, Ph.D., Director of Academic Affairs for SIL Africa Area and an international literacy and education consultant. Dr. Malone was also the discussant for another keynote address.

The conference brought together researchers, professionals, classroom practitioners, policy-makers and language specialists interested in issues that relate to multilingualism, education and linguistic diversity as global phenomena.

Papers presented by SIL personnel

Other SIL specialists in multilingual education and literacy gave presentations ranging from research findings to analyses of practice.

Two papers were presented in plenary sessions at a symposium on "The Multilingual Education Network of Eastern Africa." Barbara Trudell also serves on the steering group of this network.

Conference themes and sub-themes

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