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SIL scholars address Linguistic Society of America

LSA logo (January 2010) SIL linguists will present papers, a poster and symposium commentary at the 84th annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) and at the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA). The two meetings will run concurrently 7–10 January in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

SIL's exhibit this year will feature several new books, as well as the 16th edition of the Ethnologue: Languages of the World, which catalogs 6,909 known living languages. The exhibit will also hold live demonstrations of SIL FieldWorks Language Explorer, currently being used in small- to medium-sized dictionary projects at several universities. SIL FieldWorks is a software suite that helps researchers manage language and cultural data—from the initial collection stage to the publication of dictionaries, text collections and grammars.

SIL participation at the LSA and SSILA

The The Linguistic Society of America, with approximately 7,000 members, is the largest national professional society representing the field of linguistics. The Society's two most prominent continuing activities are publishing its premier journal, Language, and convening its annual meeting, which attracts linguists from many countries.

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