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SIL linguists attend 43rd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages & Linguistics

(October 2010) Three SIL linguists are participating in the 43rd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (ICSTLL), 16–18 October at Lund University, Sweden. SIL linguist Jesse Gates (Canada Institute of Linguistics and SIL East Asia) is presenting a paper titled “On the edge with Erkai: A preliminary investigation of Erkai’s place in Western rGyalrongic.” The purpose of this paper is to provide a preliminary grammatical description of the language variety spoken in Erkai and a comparison with neighboring language varieties.

Linguistics in SIL focuses on research, training field linguists and providing resources to assist in linguistic fieldwork. SIL's field linguists work in partnership with speakers of undocumented minority languages. Together they engage in the collection, analysis and organization of language data. A particular focus is to help document the lesser-known languages of the world, including endangered languages. SIL shares both the data and the results of analysis in order to contribute to the overall knowledge of language.

Over 950 of SIL's workers hold advanced degrees. Many regularly present papers and publish their research. Through its extensive language survey efforts, SIL is a leader in the identification and documentation of the world's languages.

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