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Educational policy conference: Three papers

(September 2009) An SIL specialist in language and education has convened a themed section at a biennial conference on education and development in Oxford, UK. SIL educators are presenting three papers. The UK Forum on International Education and Training is holding its meeting 15–17 September at New College and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

More than 400 conferees from all over the world include policy makers, administrators, teachers, civil society representatives and researchers from all spheres of education and training.

Politics, Policies and Progress is the theme of this year’s conference on education and development. The influence of politics on policy, whether at local, national or international levels, has far-reaching implications for educational development. Globalization, international aid, the knowledge economy and the marketing of education are well-recognized terms to describe complex processes that exert powerful and often competing pressures on education systems.

SIL involvement

Barbara Trudell, Director of Academic Affairs, SIL Africa Area, was invited to convene one of 16 themed sections, Civil Society and Grassroots Engagement with Policy and Progress in Education and Development. This themed section explores various aspects of civil society and grassroots action in education and development, and its impact on local and national policy-making. Well-known in the area of education and development, Trudell solicited and organized nine papers on the theme.

Trudell and a colleague, Jennifer Jones, are presenting papers in that themed section. A third SIL educator, Agatha J. Van Ginkel, is presenting her paper in a themed section titled The Politics of Inclusion through Learning and Education.

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