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Fifty years in Brazil—a compendium in tribute to its ethnolinguistic communities

(January 2009) After 50 years of cooperation with Brazilian academic institutions and government agencies, SIL has published a book in tribute to Brazil's ethnolinguistic minorities. It presents 16 articles that exemplify the contributions of SIL in Brazil to the fields of linguistics and related disciplines, especially applied linguistics.

The book, Fifty years in Brazil: A sampler of SIL work 1958–2008, is edited by Mary Ruth Wise, Robert A. Dooley and Isabel Murphy. It will appeal to local audiences interested in their own languages and cultures as well as to linguists, anthropologists and officials with an interest in Brazil. Each chapter is introduced by the editors in both English and Portuguese.

This volume includes a history of SIL's 50 years in Brazil. Papers describing at least some aspects of the grammar of almost all languages studied by SIL field linguists are listed in the selected bibliography.


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