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Mother-tongue-based MLE workshop in Senegal

(March 2009) The SIL Africa Area Mother-Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Workshop for technical advisors is continuing this week in Dakar, Senegal. The three-week event is training educators in linguistic and language-learning best practices to promote successful learning and attain educational competencies. Participants are undertaking an in-depth study of methods that have produced positive results elsewhere in the world.

The Malones consult with educators attending the workshop. The Malones consult with educators attending the workshop.

The 17 experienced literacy and education advisors represent eight African nations and are from SIL, partner organizations and nongovernmental agencies. They are engaged in discussions and instruction with SIL International multilingual education consultants, Dr. Susan Malone and Dr. Dennis Malone.

Participants are working with concepts and practical methods of reading and learning in non-dominant languages. This improves their understanding of how learning in the mother tongue can become a bridge into French or English as the language of instruction in schools. The workshop concludes 13 March 2009.

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