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New literacy promotion training series in Oaxaca, Mexico

(November 2009) Thirty-seven promoters of mother-tongue literacy from 25 communities attended the first module in a new training series held 9–11 November. The participants from 19 languages in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, represented six language families. Sponsored by CEDELIO,* the three-day course was taught by 20 consultants from UNTI** and SIL Mexico.

CEDELIO works with town authorities to select members from the community who will promote mother-tongue literacy in local schools. Each community promoter takes the responsibility to report about the classes conducted each week in his or her community. CEDELIO arranges courses periodically to train the local literacy promoters, providing logistics for the training sessions. They ask UNTI and SIL staff to organize the curriculum, provide consultants for the course participants and teach the sessions.

A successful partnership has been formed, with CEDELIO advancing literacy in indigenous languages, and UNTI and SIL as the trainers of the local community promoters.

* Centro de Estudios y Desarrollo de las Lenguas Indigenas de Oaxaca (Studies and Development Center of the Indigenous Languages of Oaxaca)

** Union of National Indigenous Translators

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