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BANTU 3 conference in Belgium: Four SIL papers

(March 2009) The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA), in Tervuren, Belgium, hosted BANTU 3—Third International Conference on Bantu Languages. The conference brought together specialists in the study of Bantu languages and history, including three SIL linguistics researchers.

The conference, held 25–27 March 2009, was organized jointly by the Service of Linguistics of RMCA and the Center for Grammar, Cognition and Typology of the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Keynote speakers

Papers by SIL researchers

Connie Kutsch Lojenga also chaired a panel, "Nominal Morphology and Tonology."

Main topics of the conference

Abstracts were invited for presentations addressing all aspects of the analysis, description or comparison of Bantu languages, including the history and prehistory of Bantu-speaking peoples. Especially welcome, however, were contributions on three stated topics:

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