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SIL scholars address Linguistic Society of America (LSA)

LSA logo (January 2008) SIL International Linguistics Consultants presented four papers at the 82nd annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) and at the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA). The two meetings ran concurrently 3–6 January in Chicago, Illinois.

SIL personnel have a long history of involvement with the LSA. Dr. Kenneth Pike served as its president in 1961. Others have served on the editorial board of Language, the LSA Executive Committee or on other committees. Dr. Gary Simons is currently on the LSA's Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation.

This year, SIL's publisher's exhibit featured scheduled demonstrations of FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx), which many believe is the software of choice to replace Shoebox and Toolbox.

SIL papers presented at the LSA:

SIL papers presented at the SSILA:

The Linguistic Society of America has approximately 7,000 members from many countries. The Society's two most prominent continuing activities are publishing its premier journal, Language, and convening its annual meeting.

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