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Two Teacher Organizations in Amazonia Initiate Textbook Revision Program

(March 2008) A multilingual textbook revision workshop is underway from 14 January through 23 March in Peru at the Universidad Nacional Intercultural de la Amazonia. Two local educational organizations that promote bilingual education invited several governmental and non-governmental agencies, including SIL, to join them in hosting the workshop. The initiating organizations represent bilingual teachers from various language communities in Peru.

Products of the workshop include draft manuscripts of a revised Grade One Reader for six languages, matching Workbooks for each and a Teacher Guide/Workbook for Early Childhood Education (children from 3 to 5 years of age).

Dr. Pat Davis, International Literacy Consultant for SIL, is instructing 18 participants from the six language groups represented. It is planned that some of these participants will become leaders and trainers for subsequent workshops. The goal over the next ten years is to revise all the primary school textbooks for approximately 20 languages of Peruvian Amazonia that currently have bilingual schools.

The workshop fulfilled the vision of Never Allui, a bilingual teacher with great enthusiasm and motivation. He enlisted the help of two Peruvian educational organizations:

These organizations sought help from SIL and other organizations:

The original textbooks were designed around principles developed during the early 1970s. Advances in multilingual education make it advisable to update the textbooks to match the current requirements of the national curriculum.

Ethnolinguistic communities throughout the world are developing the skills and expertise needed to conduct and sustain their own language development and education programs. SIL’s participation in multilingual education extends to non-formal workshops on the local level as well as advocating for and with local communities, linking them to supportive resources and equipping them to develop capacity to implement appropriate programs.

SIL, in partnership with educational institutions and other organizations, offers courses for language work at more than 20 locations around the world. Participants in these training programs develop technical expertise in linguistics, translation, literacy, educational and intercultural development, program management, communications and technology.

SIL has worked together with the Peruvian government and other partners in language development, bilingual teacher training, literacy and translation in over 70 languages of Peru.

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