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SIL FieldWorks 5.0—Language and Cultural Research Software

Dictionary View

Dictionary View

Tools to edit multiple lexical entries in a single operation

Tools to edit multiple lexical entries in a single operation

Data Notebook

Data Notebook

(January 2008) SIL FieldWorks is a software suite that helps researchers to manage language and cultural data from the initial collection stage to the publication of dictionaries, text collections and grammars. Acclaimed by field researchers, FieldWorks is currently being used in small- to medium-sized dictionary projects at several universities. The new release, version 5.0, improves existing features and pioneers new features not found in other software.

Innovative features

  • a mode to enter vocabulary organized according to semantic domain
  • tools to edit multiple lexical entries in a single operation

New with version 5.0

  • ability to produce stem-based and root-based dictionaries from a single database
  • ability to interlinearize phrases
  • ability to filter a text corpus
  • partial French interface
  • Windows Vista compatibility

Improved features

  • expanded concordance capabilities
  • more export formats
  • ability to tailor the display of data in many available views

Contents of FieldWorks 5.0 suite

  • Language Explorer 2.0, a major application for analyzing language data and managing a lexicon and text corpus
  • Data Notebook 2.8, a data management application for cultural field work
  • WorldPad 2.8, a simple text editor using the Graphite rendering engine for complex scripts

The goal of FieldWorks development has been to combine the best features of previous software by designing applications that are easy to learn and yet have the power to support professional research and publication. Distributed as freeware, FieldWorks supports Unicode 5.0, complex scripts, multi-user networking, custom fields and views of the lexicon as a dictionary or as a semantic domain classified index. A morphological grammar sketch can be produced with one click; assimilating data from the lexicon and grammar areas of the relational database.

SIL has developed more than 60 pieces of software to support the work of field workers; most available to the public for free download. Like many other SIL software products, FieldWorks is available under the SIL Open Source License.

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