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Revitalization of endangered languages in Peruvian Amazon

(May 2008) In recognition of the UN-designated International Year of Languages (IYL), a linguistic seminar series is being conducted in Lima, Peru. The series is titled: The revitalization of native languages in the International Year of Languages. It is sponsored by the Curso Internacional de Lingüística, Traducción y Alfabetización* (CILTA), a cooperative program of SIL Peru and the Ricardo Palma University.

Lecture Schedule for 2008

CILTA offers an annual two-semester program that is designed to provide cross-cultural instruction in Spanish for those involved in language development. The course is currently in its sixth year at the Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru. Previous students have come from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

*International Course in Linguistics, Translation and Literacy

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