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Bilingual dictionary-making seminar uses FLEx

Mbula-Engish Dictionary example page Mbula-Engish Dictionary example page; click to view a larger version

(November 2008) Robert Hedinger, Ph.D., is conducting a three-week dictionary-making seminar as part of SIL's European Training Programme (ETP). Participants studying at the UK campus in Horsleys Green, England, 17 November–5 December, will learn the basic principles and methods of making bilingual dictionaries.

An accurate and insightful dictionary is a great help to the local language community and non-native speaker alike. In addition, it is a key element of literacy development for any preliterate or semiliterate community. A good dictionary also lays a foundation for any effective translation project. The focus will be on designing a dictionary for a particular audience, gathering and organizing vocabulary data and using appropriate software to store and publish a dictionary.

Prerequisites for attending this annual three-week seminar include a good grasp of basic linguistic concepts such as are included in other courses offered by ETP and some familiarity with SIL FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) software.

Participant objectives of the dictionary-making course

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