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New UNESCO literacy and education publication with SIL contribution

(May 2007) UNESCO Bangkok has recently produced a publication authored by SIL International staff. Partnership between SIL and UNESCO on various projects such as these provides a network of expertise and resources that serve the world’s linguistic minority communities.

As a nongovernmental organization, SIL has been in formal relations with UNESCO since 1993 and in special consultative status since 1998. Such affiliations provide a platform for SIL to contribute to the global dialogue on language development and multilingual education.

Malaysian Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education 2007 logoWritten by three SIL literacy and education consultants, Dr. Kimmo Kosonen, Dr. Susan Malone and Catherine Young, Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings gives an overview of literacy issues in Asia. This book presents case studies from a number of Asian countries as well as provides guidance for practitioners about running literacy and multilingual education programs that incorporate minority languages. Kosonen is the SIL representative to UNESCO agencies in Asia; Malone is the SIL Asia Area Multilingual Education Coordinator and international consultant, and; Young is an SIL Asia Area Multilingual Education Consultant.

Hard copies may be requested from UNESCO:

Free PDF download is available at the link given below.

Promoting Literacy in Multilingual Settings

Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2007, 62 p.
by Kimmo Kosonen, Catherine Young and Susan Malone
ISBN 92-9223-100-6 (2.6 MB)

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