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SIL translates HIV/AIDS booklets and DVD in Papua New Guinea

(December 2007) A DVD drama, Kisim AIDS—Kisim Taim (Get AIDS—Get Trouble), dramatizes how HIV/AIDS affects the whole family when one member contracts the disease. Produced and performed in Melanesian Pidgin by SIL workers in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the DVD provides practical HIV/AIDS education. SIL staff have assisted in the translation of this drama into four local languages to date.

In the next 10 to 15 years, the infection rate in PNG is projected to skyrocket. Low literacy rates and lack of access to reliable information mean that many face this new sickness with misconceptions.

Nukna people celebrate the translation of the HIV/AIDS storybook.

Nukna people celebrate the translation of the HIV/AIDS storybook.

An accompanying booklet, HIV and AIDS Information, clearly describes the causes, preventive measures, consequences and care needed for victims. The booklets are available in an open format shellbook that allows easy replacement of text with translated material. It has now been translated and printed in over 30 languages. Funding from the National AIDS Council of PNG has helped cover printing and distribution costs.

SIL is a nonprofit organization committed to building capacity for sustainable language-based development by means of translation, training and materials development.

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