Ceremony welcomes new SIL-Indonesia Director
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Ceremony welcomes new SIL-Indonesia Director and SIL Area Director reaffirms government partnerships

JAKARTA, INDONESIA. (May 2006) In an April 13th ceremony attended by representatives of five government departments and other cooperating institutions, outgoing Director Gregory Gammon and Asia Area Director Dr. Larry Jones reaffirmed SIL’s gratitude for its thirty-year partnership with the Indonesian government. Incoming Director Mark Taber pledged to sustain the warm working relationship between SIL and the Indonesian government during his term of office.

Addressing those assembled, Mr. Pembonan, the Secretary Director General for Village and Community Empowerment, commended SIL for its service to the country and people of Indonesia and expressed his eagerness to see continued cooperation between SIL and his department in the future.

L Jones & presentation to Official

SIL Asia Area Director, Dr. Larry Jones presents a small gift of appreciation to representatives from the Department of Education (DIKNAS), Department of Social Affairs (DEPSOS), Department of the Interior (DEPDAGRI) and the National Secretariat (SEKNEG) during an April 13th ceremony paying tribute to national partners and welcoming a new SIL Indonesia director.

Throughout the ceremony, SIL program facilitators shared their experiences of working in some of the most isolated parts of the country and participants enjoyed an exhibition of photos, displays and PowerPoint presentations highlighting different aspects of SIL’s programs in Indonesia.

SIL-Indonesia has worked in partnership with the Indonesian government and other local institutions for more than 30 years. SIL and Indonesian government partners have enabled language-based development programs to succeed in six provinces across the archipelago, including: Kalimantan, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara Timor (NTT), Papua, Sulawesi, and most recently, Sumatra.

With over 700 different languages, Indonesia is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world.

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