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First International Seminar on Literacy

SEPTEMBER 2005 The First International Seminar on Literacy in Indonesia was hosted by the Universitas Negeri Semarang, UNNES, (Semarang State University) on 29-30 September 2005 to celebrate their 40th anniversary. UNNES, located in Java, Indonesia, has a long-standing commitment to literacy and teacher education.

The seminar theme, “Building a Nation through Literacy Education,” was designed to raise awareness about the importance of language education beyond traditional literacy skills to survival in modern and global communities.

SIL’s International Literacy Coordinator, Pat Kelley, was invited to be one of the plenary speakers for this event. She discussed the issues facing multilingual literacy education.

Topic areas in this international seminar:

  1. Literacy: a prerequisite for nation building
  2. Language education as literacy education
  3. Language policy on literacy education
  4. Literacy education across the curriculum
  5. Literacy in multilingual communities
  6. Literacy and power struggle
  7. Literacy and literature

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