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International Literacy Day in Cameroon

DALLAS, TEXAS (September 9, 2005) SIL’s Training Department in Cameroon celebrated the accomplishment of the first phase of the Foundations training series. Father and sons readingAs a result of the recent Foundations for Writing course, nine languages now have a provisionary orthography: Awing, Bamali, Bikele, Bum, Mfumte, Ngie, Pinyin, Tuki and Tunen. In the Greater North of Cameroon, Richard Gravina worked alongside the Mambai, Gemzek and Cuvok communities with similar goals.

SIL provided scholarships for several Cameroonians to attend advanced literacy training in Kenya in 2004 and 2005. Other Cameroonians are involved in the linguistic training courses and the mentoring of course participants.

The National Literacy Program, a project of the Ministry of Youth in Cameroon, was launched August 29, 2005, in Yaounde. This is a major initiative by the government of Cameroon, financed by HIPC funds, and the literacy program includes the national languages, or mother tongues, of Cameroon. SIL Cameroon is one of the major partners with the government in this adult literacy program.

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