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SIL scholars to present papers at LSA’s annual meeting in January 2004

DALLAS, TX (January 6, 2004) The Linguistic Society of America has approximately 7,000 members from many countries. The Society’s two most prominent continuing activities are publishing its premier journal, Language, and convening its annual meeting. This year’s meeting will be held in Boston January 8–11. Presentations, which number approximately 300, will range from general plenary talks to specialized symposia focusing on a particular topic, plus tutorials such as acoustic analysis.

SIL members have a long history of involvement with the Linguistic Society of America. Dr. Kenneth Pike served as the LSA’s President in 1961. Others have served on various committees or on the editorial board of Language. During 2003, Dr. Michael Cahill chaired the LSA’s Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation. Under Cahill’s direction, this committee has organized the symposium presentation, “Endangered Languages & Linguistic Theory” for the 2004 meeting.

Several SIL representatives will present papers. Dr. Gary F. Simons has long given attention to the perishability of electronically-stored linguistic data. “Ensuring that Digital Data Last: The Priority of Archival Form over Working Form & Presentation Form” is Simons’ presentation at the symposium titled “Endangered Data vs. Enduring Practice: Creating Linguistic Resources that Last.” Dr. J. Albert Bickford will present, “One-Handed Persons & ASL Morphology.” Dr. Cahill will present the paper “Epenthesis or Substitution? [r] in Konni.” Dr. Kenneth S. Olson’s paper will focus on “Acoustic Correlates of the Labial Flap.”

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