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SIL International Embraces Bold New Vision


SIL International held its triennial Conference in North Carolina on June 1–10, 1999 under the theme “Together We Can.”

The Conference adopted strategies that focus on expanded partnerships with other agencies to build capacity in the smaller ethnolinguistic communities of the world. Delegates and speakers stressed the desire to multiply their efforts through training, consulting, and mentoring to contribute to linguistic, literacy, and academic objectives for the twenty-first century.

Dr. Carolyn Paine Miller, 61, was elected President of SIL International. {short description of image}

Since joining SIL in 1960, Carolyn and John Miller have served in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. In 1975 revolutionary forces in Asia detained them for eight months. The Millers currently work as co-directors of the SIL Mainland South East Asia Group. Dr. Miller has served on the SIL International Board for the past ten years.

As the first woman president, and with her in-depth experience in Asia, Dr. Miller brings fresh insights and dynamism to her new leadership role. “I hope we can respond to new opportunities and new ways of working together with our many partners without losing either the excitement of the challenge or the commitment to the values which have shaped us as an organization.”

SIL International is a non-governmental organization (NGO), working with minority and indigenous communities in fifty countries worldwide. It is part of an international network of partner organizations promoting languages and cultures where little written tradition exists. Members of SIL share a Christian commitment. They cooperate in literacy and education, linguistic and anthropological research, and translation, all within a framework of holistic people-centered development