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Meeting Millennium Development Goals
through local languages

Goal 1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
SIL views local language development as essential to achieve this goal.

Income improvement and hunger relief within ethnolinguistic communities is achieved when life-changing information is communicated in a language that people understand well. Higher literacy rates often result in higher per capita incomes.

Income diversification taught in literacy booklet

Man with chicks in cartons Culturally-appropriate education enables community members to manage their development activities and resulting income and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Literacy booklet Sokpè, a farmer in Togo, worked hard for years struggling to provide for his family. While attending the Ifè adult literacy class in his village, Kotsadjo, he read an Ifè primer on the topic of managing finances and resources. Sokpè was impressed by the story of a farmer who learned the skill of weaving, which enabled him to supplement farm income. Sokpè put these management ideas into practice and began breeding chickens and goats in addition to his farming. The income from his breeding business raised his annual income and helped pay his children's school fees.