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SIL International 2005 Update

SIL celebrates the many advances in language development during 2005 for the world’s ethnolinguistic minority communities.  This 2005 Update illustrates SIL’s involvement through: linguistic research, language assessment surveys, higher levels of literacy training and advances in newly-developed computer software.

One significant highlight was the adoption by the International Phonetic Association Council of a new phonetic symbol—proposed by SIL’s Dr. Kenneth Olson—to represent the labiodental flap sound. The symbol is the first added to the International Phonetic Alphabet in twelve years.

A representative of the Mono people in north central Africa responded to the news in this way:

“We confirm to you that it is a very important moment for the intellectual speakers of Mono. The impact is a complete alphabet which will allow the Mono people, and those who are interested in the language Mono, to write it perfectly and completely.”

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