A Brief Informal Grammar Description

BANA, Warren; GARUBEI, Sotutu; HAON, Joe; KERA, Goldie; KORUS, Raphael; NATHAN, Albert; PITT, Louise Anne; TAGAK, Matthew; TAVISH, James, authors; DOYLE, Lawrance, editor. 2015. A Brief Informal Grammar Description. [Working paper]. S.l.: s.n. 3 pages. http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/abstract.asp?id=928474563211

Comments: This document was a result of a Grammar Workshop led by SIL member Lawrance Doyle. It is a brief unreviewed paper produced as a result of an initial Grammar Workshop. It's only purpose is to present the basic findings in that workshop.

Available online at http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/abstract.asp?id=928474563211