Tentative Grammar Description for the [khz] Kalo Language

KING, Phil, author; KINI, Momoro; RAKA, Aimo Pokana, consultants. 2015. Tentative Grammar Description for the [khz] Kalo Language. [Working paper]. S.l.: s.n. 28 texts; 76 pages. http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/abstract.asp?id=928474561770

Comments: This grammar is very tentative and has been written by Phil King during the five-week long Translators’ Training Course at Ukarumpa, at which the two Kalo speakers, Aimo Pokana Raka and Momoro Kini, were participants. The course itself focused on other assignments, so the data for this grammar was just collected and written up in spare moments between other sessions. The analysis is based on little more than four natural texts written by Momoro Kini and a selection of elicited sentences. Gerhard Tauberschmidt’s A Grammar of Sinaugoro was incredibly helpful in providing grammatical background for the languages in this area. There may well be errors due to the time pressure in producing this document, and some inconsistencies within the analysis. We are thankful to Sissie D’Jernes for reading the paper and pointing out some of the worst inconsistencies, some of which have been corrected, whilst others have been footnoted for others to research further. Despite its tentative nature, we hope this grammar will be helpful to speakers of the Kalo language, and to others who want to learn more about the language. Hopefully, it provides a foundation for others to build upon in the future.

Although this grammar is tagged to Ethnologue code [khz], the Kalo speakers consider it a separate language from Keapara [khz].

Available online at http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/abstract.asp?id=928474561770