STEP Supervisor's Tokples Education Program Video (PowerPoint), Papua New Guinea

EDONI, William; WATERS, Glenys, authors; JONES, Michael, compiler; AMBROSE, Mark; BROOK, Peter; CAMPBELL, Craig; HETZEL, Gweni; KRUZAN, Birgitta; LAMBRECHT, Kim Yuen; WROGE, Diane, photographers. 2014. STEP Supervisor's Tokples Education Program Video (PowerPoint), Papua New Guinea. [Presentation]. : s.n. 14 minutes.

Comments: The script was written for AusAID (Australian Agency for International Development) to describe what SIL is, how it works in Papua New Guinea, what the STEP (Supervisors Tokples Education Program) course includes, and some previous outcomes. It concludes with the late William Edoni, SIL's Director's Assistant for Public Relations at the time, discussing how the STEP course affects rural communities through the involvement of committed Papua New Guineans, using the example of Selby Otire, Omie language. AusAID funded 6-8 STEP Course participants per intake from 1994 through 2003.

Alternate title

STEP Powerpoint Presentation: Presentation by Michael Jones, Script by Glenys Waters, October 2002 [script title]

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