Tentative Grammar Description for the Amam Language

AKI, Mambu; PENNINGTON, Ryan, authors. 2014. Tentative Grammar Description for the Amam Language. [Working paper]. S.l.: s.n. 67 pages. http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/abstract.asp?id=928474556181

Comments: A brief and tentative grammatical description of the Amam language, focusing on aspects of the grammar that are relevant to translation work.Amam is a distinct language from Weri [wer], but does not yet have its own ethnologue code. This description was created during a four-week long workshop in which one or two mother tongue speakers worked with a linguistically trained mentor every day to collect texts in their language (recording them in audio format and then typing them up into FLEx and giving word glosses), then used these texts to investigate different grammatical topics and type them up into this grammar description. As such, the analysis is based on very limited exposure to the language for the linguistically trained mentor, and very little exposure to linguistics on behalf of the mother-tongue speakers, and thus must be considered only an initial and very tentative exploration of linguistic features.

Available online at http://www.sil.org/pacific/png/abstract.asp?id=928474556181