Focus on CD: Readings in Community Development

SCHANELY, Leon E., author. Available: 2014; Created: 1981. Focus on CD: Readings in Community Development. [Manuscript]. : s.n. 50 pages.

Comments: From author's introduction: This collection of articles was written to provide the readers with a broader understanding of Community Development (CD) principles. Illustrations are given from the context of life in Papua New Guinea.

From preface by Les Bruce: "It is a pleasure to be able to introduce this down-to-earth book of essays on Community Development (CD).... Having supplemented through personal study his own analyses of what works in community endeavors, he has brought common sense principles of human relations to our consciouness in this collection of articles. Written for relaxed reading, he illustrates his point with several success stories in rural Papua New Guinea, some involving an external catalyst and others not...."
There are numerous stories, information in this book that comes from different sources and are compiled by the author as part of the book although the author does not have the rights to this. He technically is the author of this book.