Reflections on teaching, learning and literacy in Papua New Guinea

KERUWA, Rambai, author; TERREY, Robyn; WATERS, Glenys, editors. 2010. Reflections on teaching, learning and literacy in Papua New Guinea. Second Edition. S.l.: s.n. 50 pages.

Comments: This publication is a collection of papers written by Rambai Keruwa between 1999 and 2000. They represent some of his reflections on literacy learning and teaching in Papua New Guinea at that time. Rambai grew up in the Kaugel speaking area of the Western Highlands, trained and worked as a primary school teacher and served as a primary school principal before resigning to establish the Kaugel Non Formal Education Association. He has been the coordinator of the association for many years and continues to serve his community through the association. He also serves as a Literacy Consultant with the Papua New Guinea Bible Translation Association and use to be the Regional Director of BTA programs in the Highlands region. He has also served for many years on the National Literacy and Awareness Committee.

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