Bifo Rit na Rait long Tokples Orop Student Book

Bifo Rit na Rait long Tokples Orop Student Book. 2011.  First Edition. Arop Village, Sanduan Province, PNG: Aitape West Translation Project. 13 pages.

Comments: This is a literacy pre-primer. It was originally developed in 2007, but was not printed in bulk until 2011. The original primer was developed by Heather McLean (SIL) but was adapted for use in the Aitape West Translation Project by Mandy Pehrson. Some ideas have been taken from Robin Rempel’s “Wokabaut #1 Bilong Kisim Save long Rit na Rait” and the pre-writing patterns from her “Trainer’s Guide for the Multi-Strategy Economy Model.” It is A4 in size. (But, we also can print it in A5 size depending upon our needs.) There is both a student copy and a teacher's copy of this primer.