HIVdai AIDSdai mana amone asigi diyone bugo

HIVdai AIDSdai mana amone asigi diyone bugo. 2011.  2nd Edition. S.l.: s.n. 16 pages.

Comments: Created by the SIL AIDS Task Force and translated by the Onobasulu Translation Team.

English Preface Papua New Guinea has a population of nearly 6 million people. In the year 2010 it was estimated that up to55,000 of those people had contracted HIV. Experts say that in another 10-15 years about half of the population of PNG will be infected with the HIV germ, and many will have become sick with AIDS and died. This book gives information about HIV and AIDS. It tells how HIV is spread, how to avoid getting it, and how to care for people who are sick with AIDS.

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Book to Get Knowledge about HIV and AIDS

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