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Fortis Consonants in
Amatlán Zapotec

Amatlán Zapotec uses many of the same consonants as in Spanish. But Zapotec also uses certain fortis consonants that aren't in Spanish and they are represented as double consonants: nn, ll, yy y ww. Read these words in Zapotec.

yann kayonn doowann
sonido      yann sonido      kayonn sonido      doowann

mball kwall doball
sonido      mball sonido      kwall sonido      doball

ngwleyy mberzeyy mbeyy
sonido      ngwleyy sonido      mberzeyy sonido      mbeyy

kakaww ndawwa nyaww
sonido      kakaww sonido      chul ndawwa sonido      nyaww

--David Riggs M.