SIL Mexico Workpapers (1974-1997)

Se publicaron doce volúmenes impresos de “workpapers”; los artículos están disponibles aquí en formato PDF escaneado.

Twelve volumes of workpapers were printed; the articles in them are reproduced here in scanned PDF format.

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Ensayos Preliminares Electrónicos ILV-México
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SIL-Mexico Electronic Working Papers
Number 1 (1974)
Chiquihuitlan Mazatec phrases Jamieson, Carole 1-7
Coatzospan Mixtec pronouns Small, Priscilla 9-14
Eastern Popoloca verb stems with person markers Beebe, Alice 15-29
Estructura de la clausula en mixe de Coatlan Hoogshagen, Searle S. 31-44
Person, number, and tense in the Tepehua verb Herzog, Dorothy L. 45-52
Personal pronouns in Diuxi Mixtec Kuiper, Albertha; Pickett, Velma 53-58
Popoloca clause and sentence Austin, Jeanne; Pickett, Velma 59-92
Tarascan verb inflection Wares, Alan C. 93-100
Tzeltal (Mayan) phonemes Gerdel, Florence 101-106
Number 2 (1976)
The verb word of Northern Popoloca Stark, Sharon 1-73
Verb classification in Yatzachi Zapotec Butler, Inez M. 74-84
Chiquihuitlan Mazatec verbs Jamieson, Carole 85-107
Another look at noun possession in Quiotepec Chinantec Gardner, Richard A.; Jamieson, Carole 108-113
Number 3 (1980)
The clause of Northern Popoloca Machin, Polly 1-19
The sentence of Northern Popoloca Machin, Polly 20-36
Northern Popoloca paragraph divisions Stark, Sharon 37-46
The Sochiapan Chinantec noun phrase Foris, David 47-76
A note on Copala Trique insect-bird homonyms Hollenbach, Barbara E. 77-78
A sketch of Bachajon Tzeltal clause and sentence structure Slocum, Marianna C. 79-92
Number 4 (1980)
Tlacoatzintepec Chinantec syllable structure Thelin, Anders 1-8
Los nombres personales entre los triques de Copala Hollenbach, Elena E. 9-14
Phonology and morphophonemics of the Mixtec of Alacatlatzala, Guerrero Zylstra, Carol F. 15-42
Morphophonemics of the Guevea de Humbolt Zapotec verb Marks, Donna 43-84
Aspects of Tlachichilco Tepehua (Totonacan) phonology Watters, James 85-129
Number 5 (1984)
Linguistica de lenguas indigenas hoy Pickett, Velma 1-8
Spanish loan words via Aztec Nordell, Norman 9-23
Consonant play in lexical sets in Northern Totonac Bishop, Ruth 24-31
Onomatopoeia In Tabasco Chontal Keller, Kathryn 32-44
The unproductiveness of Chiquihuitlan Mazatec word-forming processes Jamieson, Allan R. 45-51
Algunas diferencias entre la narracion oral y la narracion escrita, con referencia a una muestra en Bartholomew, Doris 52-62
A sociolinguistic analysis of a Mixtec text comparing oral and written versions Margaret H. Daly 63-84
Syntactic and functional criteria for the classification of adverbs in Guerrero Amuzgo Buck, Marjorie J. 85-118
Subordination in Southeastern Tepehuan discourse Willett, Thomas L. 119-129
Notas sobre el aspecto en tepehua Watters, James 130-145
Number 6 (1984)
The relative clause in Highland Totonac Aschmann, Elizabeth D. 1-27
Survey of morphology and syntax for Zoque of Copainala Roy and Margaret Harrison 29-71
Tone contrast on the penultimate syllable in Tataltepec chatino Pride, Leslie G. 73-92
Aspect formation of San Jeronimo Mazatec verbs Bull, Brian E. 93-117
Number 7 (1985)
Personal pronouns in Guelavia Zapotec Jones, Ted E., Church, Ann D. 1-15
Event prominence in Zoogocho Zapotec narrative discourse Butler, Inez M. 16-60
Topicalization in Zoogocho Zapotec expository discourse Long, Rebecca A. 61-100
Vignettes of Cora locatives Casad, Eugene H. 101-117
Number 8 (1987)
La incorporacion de sustantivos en el náhuatl Tuggy, David 1-13
La duracion vocalica en el trique de Copala Hollenbach, Elena E. de 15-29
Discourse strategies in Southeastern Tepehuan Willett, Thomas L. 30-98
Participant tracing and prominence in Silacayoapan Mixtec Joanne North 100-128
Number 9 (1987)
Paragraph analysis for Amatlan Zapotec Riggs, David Brent 1-11
Participant accessibility in Yalalag Zapotec Newburg, Ronald 12-25
A focus particle in Quioquitani Zapotec Ward, Michael 26-32
Fronting and related features in Santo Domingo Albarradas Zapotec Kreikebaum, Wolfram 33-71
Clause and Sentence-Level Word Order and Discourse Strategy in Chichicapan Zapotec Oral Narrative Discourse Benton, Joseph 72-84
The functions of the clitic-ha in Western Ixtlan Zapotec Thiessen, Grace 85-100
A search for naturalness in translated material Smith, Joan 101-106
Journal writing with a language associate Poole, Diane 107-110
A Chinantec fable Anderson, Judi Lynn 111-121
The multipurpose Chinantec word “ja'” Rupp, Jim 122-128
Number 10 (1993)
Modal clitics in San Jeronimo Mazatec Agee, Daniel M. 1-28
Fronting in San Jeronimo Mazatec Agee, Margaret A. 29-37
You can say that again: Repetition in Alacatlatzala Mixtec Anderson, Lynn 38-53
Third person participant reference and zero anaphora in Isthmus Nahuatl Hurst, Christopher 54-67
Four conjunctions in Tezoatlan Mixtec Williams, John L. 68-84
The fronting of noun and adverb phrases in Mixtec of Tezoatlan Williams, Judith 85-111
Number 11 (1995)
A preliminary catalog of focus devices in Mixtecan languages Hollenbach, Barbara E. 1-16
Narrative peak in Xanaguia Zapotec Hopkins, Mary L. 17-36
Who's who in Quiatoni Zapotec narratives Martínez, Valerie de 37-46
Speech verbs in Xanaguia Zapotec Olive, Julie Nan 47-52
Some not so sanguine discourse particles in Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl narratives Reed, Ralph T. 53-66
The functions of lëë in Xanica Zapotec narrative discourse Piper, Michael J. 67-78
Some features of narrative discourse in Santiago Nuyoo Mixtec Harris, Larry R. 79-95
Number 12 (1997)
Covert transitive-intransitive verb pairs in Copala Trique Hollenbach, Barbara E. 1-10
Modeling Chichicapan Zapotec morphology Benton, Joseph; Black, Andy; Glaser, Barbara 11-33
Aspect shift in Chichicapan Zapotec narrative discourse Benton, Joseph 34-46