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How Cuentepec was founded
detail of Xochicalco pyramid
Cuentepec hills

According to a Cuentepec legend, the people used to live at first on the other side of the river Tembembe:

“Originally, before the time of the conquest, the town of Cuentepec was located on the other side of the river Tembembe in an area towards the West. We, who live here in Cuentepec, call this place Tlajtepasole [Ancient Wall], but others call it Kuentepetzin [kuemitl - furrow, tepetl - hill -tzin - small].

They call it Ancient Wall because of the stone wall of a house that is still visible. People assume that it is part of an old church. Our ancestors built this wall when they lived there.

So why is Cuentepec not to be found there any more? They say that a man, whose name was Sebastián, lived in Kuentepetzin and decided one day to move to the area where Cuentepec is situated today. This region has various hills and Cuentepec is located on the one where the sun rises. Some people say that Sebastián came to live here because this place was larger than the one on the other hill and more level. Others say that he simply liked this place. Also, Sebastián knew that many people would come to live here and they wouldn't have found enough space in Kuentepetzin. So our ancestors brought Sebastián to Cuentepec. And all the people who lived in Kuentepetzin followed him and they founded Cuentepec where it is today and began to live here.

There was also another man who lived at the Ancient Wall. His name was Miguel. He also moved to Cuentepec later. People say that in this manner they started to live where we live today.

dancers at town fiesta

Now they worship Sebastián and Miguel as saints and every year they celebrate them. The fiesta for San Sebastián is held in January and for San Miguel in September.

These days many people grow corn at the place of the Ancient Wall and the harvest is plentiful.”

—The legend was told by a Nahuatl speaker from Cuentepec, and written down by Elke Müller